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Commercial slicer recommendations?

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Commercial slicer recommendations?

Hi. Anyone have a suggestion on commercial bread slicers? I currently use an old Oliver 711 in my small artisan bakery, and I really need to get something better. We slice about 40 loaves a day, and probably every 5th loaf gets torn up in the slicer. Very frustrating. I keep replacing the blades; I've tried the artisan blades, then the regular blades again. Anyway, I don't know whether to stay with the Oliver and get a newer model, or look for a Berkel or some other brand. Which is the best? I'd love to have something that really slices hard crusty breads (we have a wood-fired brick oven) as well as the softer sandwich loaves.

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I don't own this, but if the quality of their spiral mixers are any indication (I own one and love it), this might be a good choice for the price.

~$1500 + shipping.

(These Chinese manufacturers must really be making Hobart and Berkel sweat; the quality is really good and the price is 1/5 of Hobart/Berkel).  

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I'm not sure if you're still looking, but I'm selling a Berkel Bread Slicer mb 3/4.

I have had one in the past, and loved it! When I saw this one for sale at a local restaurant supply auction I picked it up!

I'm asking $450, which I think is a very fair price. It's not in great condition, but it's in fair condition, and it does slice bread in 8 seconds. The operation handle is broken, but still functions, and it is missing a blade.

If you're interested, let me know and I can send you pictures....and a youtube video of it in action.


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I have the same slicer, Oliver 711, 3/4" slice.  I use it specifically on breads that my Berkel 1/2" slicer shreds.  The Oliver is super reliable in terms of not shredding loaves.  I suspect that there's some misalignment in your slicer. or the dough is sticky and coates the blades.  The blades are easy to clean with a razor blade.  Also, make sure that the loaf has completely cooled off before slicing (being redundant here - I'm sure you know that).  I have only used soft breads in the 711.  The crusty round loaves I slice on Oliver 777. 

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Hi, I'm a little late but I hope my post could help users who see this thread. I currently use a professional slicer by an Italian brand called Manconi, it's a commercial slicer specifically designed to cut bread:

It's a high-quality machine that can last for yearsand gives uniform slices of bread. I bought it few years ago so I don't know exactly how much it could cost today, but I imagine it would be quite expensive as it is a professional machine, perhaps you could get in touch with the producer. Hope it helped.