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for ruralidle

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for ruralidle

Apologies for using this forum. This is a message for ruralidle who asked that I pm him I am not able to do so therefor this post my apologies to all yet again bye albert

Dear Andy

Sorry for the long delay , I only just got your  message. I am sorry but I cannot make the courser. I lost my job and has run out of money, being on benefits does not help either, I would very much like to attend especially since this course would have given me the edge to bake and sell my bread to support myself, even on n very small scale. I am very happy that you could arrange the course, but will have to wait until the next time when my circumstances improve. I hope you understand and are not to upset with me .Thank you


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Hi Albert

Sorry to hear your news.  Thank you for letting us know.  I know you said that you couldn't pm me, do you receive my pms?  I will copy this message into ine and send it.  Just look at the top left of the TFL screen under the search bar and just under your user name.