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NY Kaiser rolls

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NY Kaiser rolls

I have had fair success with the hard flaky crust on these rolls,  but they seem to be too dense inside,  or maybe thick is a better description.  They also turn very hard quickly, but that may be another problem.  What would be a solution to get the  inside lighter?


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Hi, and welcome.

I realize you are specifying "NY" "Kaiser" rolls, but besides the shaping, I have always thought of them as the same thing as hard rolls. Anyway, I am always on the search for "my" perfect "Kaiser" or "hard" roll. The couple, or few, Kaiser recipes I have tried have turned out less "fluffy" or light inside than I may have desired, but I thought that is how they were supposed to be, maybe(I'm not from NY or Austria). Or maybe those are just the results "my abilitites" have been producing. But whatever, the doughs were always on the "firmer" side, so I think I got results that were similar to ideal recipes' ideal.

Anyway, I just came across this new(to me) King Arthur recipe, and my impression of my first try seems to indicate it's just what you(and I) are looking for in a "hard roll". They also turned out just how KA described them: "crisp on the outside, and light and airy inside, with satisfying chew."

I used a flour(White Lily bread, 11.7% protein) which is more like their AP flour rather than the prescribed KA Bread Flour, but I don't keep their bread flour on hand, as it is too "chewy"(and expensive) for me. These came out almost perfect for me. Well maybe still a little too chewy, but after all, they are hard rolls. That may have also been why my dough was even more softer than I am used to in a hard roll, but I think it also contributed to the lightness of the crumb. A major change I made was I did not use the Hi-maize flour that is prescribed. I just used a like amount my additional "bread" flour. I'm sure the hi maize isn't needed at all, unless one isn't getting the fiber needed in other foods. I also did not use any seeds, as I did not want them to get in the way of evaluating the "bread"

Even though I didn't use as strong a flour as prescribed, and did not use their "Bun Pan"(totally not needed), my results were every bit as impressive as their pictured rolls. Even though I gave the rolls a good pressing while shaping, and another couple of presses each over the next 5 minutes or so, mine appeared to be every bit as tall as their "pan assisted" buns, maybe even a bit higher. I like my buns to rise high, but I also like them to be wide enough to hold a decent amount of topping, so I usually give them a good pressing down, or two, or three.

Anyway, give it a try, and let us know how it turns out.

ps: What I learned in doing the KA recipe as to maybe applying to one's own formula, for a lighter, fluffier crumb:

1. Add egg white if not already doing so. If using whole egg, try adding extra egg white, or use only egg white.

2. If already using egg white, try adding a little extra water to make a softer dough(if your dough is on the firmer side).

Good luck.