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New Here

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New Here

Hi! I'm Margaret, my friends call me Margarita. I got into cooking a few years ago but have always been scared of baking aside from Granny Smith's sugar cookies and the occasional scone or zuccini bread. I found this sight, though, and after making my first loaf of bread today, I'm hooked. I started with lesson two and my bread turned out wonderful! It was so exciting pulling it out of the oven! I can't wait to further my bread experience and master the more advanced recipes.

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Welcome to the wonderful world of baking bread and to The Fresh Loaf.  Lots of enablers around here to help you advance your addiction.


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Hope you enjoy bread baking as much as I have for many years.  After avoiding any recipe that iuncluded yeast for a long time.........a gift of a processor introduced me to bread baking.  I have almost never bought another store type bread.....only in a few  emergencies. 

I am a new member of this forum.........just rejoined after a couple of years.  It seems pretty active and a wonderful place to ask questions and learn.