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New bread lover

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New bread lover


My name is Frederique.  I live in Laval, Canada.  I started making my own bread a few years ago with a bread machine, but since last year I have been trying different recipes the traditional way (and I must admit that I just love making bread!).

I'am a mother of 2, and even if I don't have that much time on my hands, I prefer baking my own bread than buying it at the store.

I discovered this forum not so long ago, and I find that it's full of resources on bread making.

Looking forward to share recipes and techniques with you.

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Hi, Frederique.

Welcome to TFL!

What kinds of breads are you making? Looking forward to hearing more from you and seeing your breads.


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Nice to have you on board, Frederique.  You'll have a lot of fun with this forum.  Looking forward to seeing the restult of your bread making adventures.

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You will love this site!


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Thanks, I have a feeling that I will spend a lot of time on this site!

There are so much things that I want to learn...

I am currently trying to master the art of "campagne" style breads; my kids just love them but I am not totally happy with the crust yet.  Not crunchy enough for my taste.

my husband is from Paris, so I also prepare baguettes!