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easy dinner rolls

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easy dinner rolls

Dallis easy dinner rolls


This recipe uses a food processor with the steel blade thereby eliminating the kneading process

The dough is made in two lots to avoid overloading the processor.

You will need 2 muffin trays  [6 hole large muffins that are about 70mm the top]

A 30mm diam.cookie cutter

2 bowls 1 ¼ litre capacity minimum..


2 leveled cups of unbleached bread flour

1 full tsp.DIY [dried instant yeast].

1 tsp sugar

½ tsp.salt

200ml +1 Tbs. warm water ;temp not overly critical as long as it is around 40oC.

Water quantity may vary slightly with different flours


Put all dry ingredients into the blender and pulse to mix well.

Add 1Tbs.olive oil to the water and with the food processor running on high speed pour the water/oil mix down the tube and mix until a ball of dough is well formed.

If a ball does not form within a few seconds, a little extra flour may be needed.

Add any extra flour a a time until the dough balls

Remove the dough and roll it around in your hands to form a ball

The dough should be slightly sticky but not enough to stick to your hands

Oil the bowls well

Put the dough in to one of the bowls and set aside while you mix up a second batch

When second batch is balled, put into the other bowl and using a spray bottle with water spray the tops of the dough in both bowls several times with a fine mist to prevent a crust forming. Cover each bowl loosely with glad wrap or cloth and set in a warm place to rise

The dough should be allowed to double in volume and should fill the bowls.

When the dough has doubled, working with one at a time, using a spatula turn the dough out upside down on to a lightly floured surface and with one hand gently flatten the dough to a 200mm circle about 15mm thick.

With the cookie cutter, cut out circles of dough and place floured side down into the oiled muffin trays pushing them in gently with your fingers. Don’t worry about the top of the dough as any dents will disappear when the dough rises again. Knead the left over dough into a ball, flatten and cut the last two circles and add to the moulds.

Repeat with the other dough. Yield should be 12 rolls.

Place the trays in a cold oven and allow the dough to rise to the top of the moulds and form a nicely rounded top.

Turn on the oven to 215oC fan forced and when nicely browned remove the rolls to wire racks to cool.

When cooled pack into plastic freezer bags and freeze.

When needed just pop into a hot oven until heated through.

Any comments welcome


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Your hydration level is at least 70% to begin with so I don't know why the recipe suggests misting the dough with water for fermentation.  I'd skip the spritz of water and simply lightly oil the plastic wrap (so it doesn't stick to the dough ball) and go from there.