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Casatiello Question

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Casatiello Question

So my friend just bought a new house and I thought I'd bake him some Casatiello.  I've made it a few times before and it's absolutely delicious.  I'm using the recipe from BBA and I usually shape it into a boule and bake it in a cake pan.  It comes out as this giant puffy dome which looks great.


This time I thought I'd try something different but wanted to run it by some other people before I risked all those expensive ingredients.  My idea was to try and shape the dough like I do for rolls and then bake them in muffin/cupcake trays.   The theory here being that it would be easy for him to freeze whatever he's not going to eat right away and take them out one or two at a time.  Any thoughts?


Also, the times I've made it so far I've used salami and substituted some of the juice from cooking it for an equal part of the butter (as suggested in BBA).  My friend really loves mexican chorizo, but I've never worked with it before.  What I've read seems to suggest its fairly soft and full of grease/juice.  Has anyone tried making casatiello with mexican chorizo, or has any thoughts about if it would work well?   Reinhart has chorizo as a suggestion but I have a feeling he means Spanish Chorizo, I could be wrong though.

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Mexican chorizo is not solid like salami, (meaning you can't slice or chop it) it is more like a  breakfast sausage and very greasy.  You could certainly cook it and remove a lot of the fat and then use only what you want to of the fat.   I have never made it before but don't see any reason why the muffin tin wouldn't work for you.  We make an Italian sausage thing in dough and just form it like a roll and it bakes up great.  We crumble and cook the sausage just a bit to use.  It should be very tasty as chorizo is usually/often cooked and then eggs scrambled in it..........yum........