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Batards Tearing!?

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Batards Tearing!?

I've been using the recipe for the European Peasant bread in 'Artisan Bread in Minutes a Day' and I've come across one problem. During my proofing stage, my outer membrane on my batard tears along one side.


I think this might be due to the higher hydration compared to my other breads, but I've been using this recipe for a while and it just started this. I have been using a baker's couche also, which might have caused it.

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First of all, I'm no way an expert on this subject. I'm quite new to bread making myself.

First thing that comes to my mind about tearing is shaping. Did you close the seam well enough? I don't think that high hydration dough would cause the split/tear, if anything stiff dough is more likely a culprit, not a wet dough.


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From what was said it seems the dough may be drying out. If it's not the seam, or the shaping, Feel the doughs' skin to see if it's dry. Are you flouring the couche; is the dough sticking to it?

Let us know, Jim