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Can I use dough mixer to knead bread dough?

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Can I use dough mixer to knead bread dough?

Hi, I'm a newbie in baking and I have question about this dough mixer. Here is the picture:

Here is the video:

My question (1): can I use this dough mixer to knead bread ?

My question (2): if that dough mixer capable to knead bread, then between spiral mixer and dough mixer, which is better ?

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From my readings, here and other sites on the web, professionals tend to use the term "mixing" when referring to the entire mixing/kneading process. So yes, dough "mixers" are also dough "kneaders".

All things being equal, the spiral mixers are considered to be a very gentle form of mixing/kneading, rather akin to hand kneading, and may be more appropriate for making "artisan breads".

Your pictured mixer looks more like an industrial mixer, and will probably not be as gentle with the dough, if needed, as compared to a spiral mixer.



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More gentle with dough means what? Any difference to the bread if we are more 'gentle' with the dough?

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If you're new to baking and you have the mixer, use it.  There are lots of things to learn and you needn't be worrying if using a hook will make a bread 5% better than the mixer.  You'll have a lot more to worry about and get straight in your technique.

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Actually, I presented by a salesperson with 2 selection, ie that dough mixer and a spiral mixer.

And since I'm a newbie and I can't trust the salesperson 100%, so I'm trying to ask around.

The cost of dough mixer is MYR1000 with 15kg capacity and MYR2000 for the spiral mixer with 8kg capacity. So I just wonder why the spiral mixer is pricier even with significant lower capacity.

My plan is that to open a cafe next year serving pizzas and variety of breads. So there is plenty of time for me and my partners to learn and practice.

Do you think that dough mixer able to make acceptable sandwich breads, pizza bases, dinner and stuffed rolls?