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Name the Basket

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Name the Basket

What is the correct term for a proof basket that is like any round basket but with a dome rising in the center, so a circle of dough can lie in the "moat" between the center dome and basket wall, like a fer a' cheval. 

It doesn't appear on searches for bannetons or brotforms. Is there a name, or is it something makeshifted from another basket?


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Is all I've ever heard it called.

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How 'bout Tortano basket?  You cold also use a angel food cake pan.

But, the fer a' cheval isn't a complete circle so I'm not sure about your description

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Bakery Bits in the UK sell Couronne bannetons...




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Okay, Gary. There it is with a wooden center, just referred to as banneton. And I kept looking and found this one sold as a brotform. 

Or maybe a small sombrero? ;)