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What do i do?

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What do i do?

I have three cups of dough (kneaded-duh) and I killed my yeast. The milk was too warm.. It's been two hours and the dough looks like its staying put. It wont rise. I was trying to make Babka- too ambitious yes! But now I dont know what to do with all that dough. Any ideas? Even if I can't remedy it, any ideas on what I can do with all that dough?

Yes- I am a Newbie to the world of baking. 


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Mini Oven

and sprinkle it over the dough.  If the dough seems rather stiff, dissolve the yeast into a teaspoon or two of water making a thick paste to smear onto the dough.   Push the yeast into the dough with your fingers and fold it a couple of times to work it in well.  Let it bulk rise and continue with the directions of the recipe.   No problem!  :)

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