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I've been baking breads for many years and thought I'd write out some techniques, tips etc that I've garnered from others and some and I figured out myself. When I went to post them, I received the message:

 <Your submission has triggered the spam filter and will not be accepted.>

 Can someone tell me why?

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Voodoo? Black magic? Quantum computing experiments? Annoy people at random?


If the SPAM filter told everyone exactly how it works inside, spammers would just use that information to figure out a way around it. So the SPAM filter won't tell anybody exactly how it works (or doesn't work:-).

Floyd is very good about helping your circumvent it though whenever it's obviously made a mistake.

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You could do a quick check, to see if it is due to a link you have placed with in the post. If you have any links in the post. Remove them and see if that solves the problem. If so, you can put them back in afterward using [Edit]. Of course, if you have no links, I can offer no suggestions other than what Chuck has said.


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Hi FM,

You've been marked trusted so should no longer trip the filter.


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Sorry to bring this thread up from the depths but can you help me Floydm? I'm getting the same message and have no links in my blog post save as to the pictures of the bread.