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deciding on a grain mill

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deciding on a grain mill

hi there,

I am in the market to buy a grain mill.  Want to buy one really soon but having a hard time deciding which one to get.  My budget: $300

The Nutrimill and the Old Magic Mill (wood) are the two main mills that I am in debating .   I know they are two different types of mills but would really love any input.  soon. :)

 I saw a wood Magic Mill 1/2 motor version on craigslist that has hardly been used for $200.00.  I like that this mill was made in the USA and it looks very well built and that should last a long time. 

The nutrimill has a good warranty but wondering if it's a work horse like the Magic Mill (known as the golden grain mill)?  If I am going to spend close to $300 than I want to make sure the machine lasts me for years.  I have been baking our own bread for some time.  Maybe even considering offering to sale bake good from my own home or farmers market to make a little bit of money. 


thanks for any input!

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I have used a Nutrimill for several years and it has never given me any trouble. I primarily mill wheat for bread baking, but have ground popcorn to make corn meal for quick breads and hush puppies. It is loud and whines like a vacuum cleaner on steroids, but does a great job of giving the flour a grind consistency that I like. I chose to not purchase a Magic Mill because they are no longer made and finding parts may become an issue in the future.

The first year I owned the Nutrimill I was baking 40-60 loaves per week for my family and to sell at a farmer's market (50 lbs of wheat per week). It did a great job without a single issue. I expanded my baking the next year and built a small commercial kitchen with enough volume that I could justify a small stone mill (Meadows Mill). I continue to use the Nutrimill (5 lbs of wheat per week) for baking in my home kitchen and it continues to work flawlessly.

I think either mill will do a fine job, but you need to be happy with your purchase. Good luck and happy bread baking.  

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what about the Tribest Hawo's Grain Mill?  how would it compared to the old magic mill?  I saw one on craigslist for $200.00 hardly used vs brand new at $600.00 (ouch).  I also saw on craigslist a wooden magic mill 1/2 HP motor hardly used for $200.00. thanks

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FYI there is a magic mill for sale on good Luck!

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My only compliant about my nutri mill is the lid is so hard to get on and off but it grinds wheat great.