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Greetings from Pittsburgh

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Greetings from Pittsburgh

Hi! What a great forum you guys have here!  My wife and I decided to do an experiement this April to abandon store-bought bread and bake our own at home all month.  What a success! It's mid-may and we are going strong.  I'm not sure I could imagine going back.  My better half is the real brains of the operation, but I take a turn in the kitchen when needed.  We are always looking for new ideas and I'm sure we will find some great ones here on this site.   


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If it is new ideas you seek, you should more than enough to keep you occupied here on TFL ;-)


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Hi!, I'm mrplatts wife, Marie. This is a great site! I'm looking to expanding into sourdough and learning some new recipes and techniques.  This weekend, I plan to start some flat breads.

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Welcome aboard, you will get more inspiration than you can use here as there is always something else that you will want to try just because of reading here.