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Soft SD hamburger buns recipe - can't find!

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Soft SD hamburger buns recipe - can't find!

I'm looking for sourdough hamburger buns recipe, very soft hamburger buns. Is here anyone who can help me? Thanks!

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Sylvia's Levain Buns:

Maybe not the absolute softest of buns(not dinner roll soft), but by no means are they hard, or chewy, if you use an appropriate flour. If you want to ensure they are not so chewy, don't use a flour any higher than 11.7 - 12% protein. I use White Lily bread flour, GM Better for Bread, or KA All Purpose and get very similar results. I have not used the KA Bread flour for these buns, and have read that it may be too strong for a soft, tender bread, but the recipe has plenty of tenderizers built in.

You could try using some softer unbleached, all purpose flours if you wish, but the buns probably will not rise as high. They will be tender though. Also, if I have it on hand, I use buttermilk instead of the water and milk powder listed. This adds even another layer of tenderness.

The recipe(see link) that they were derived from uses yeast, but if you read through the thread, she suggests that yeast is not needed. I can confirm that without hesitation. A healthy vigorous starter has no problems in producing  big, fluffy buns with this recipe. I usually don't let mine get quite as browned as pictured.

Good luck.

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located at the upper-left corner of the page, to find even more possibilities.  Use the search term: hamburger.