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Any One From Scotland(Glasgow) or the UK in General?

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Any One From Scotland(Glasgow) or the UK in General?

I'm new to the forums and would like to thank the people here for all the great advice. I've been going along quite nicely but i've hit a bit of a problem in looking for baking supplies. Can anyone from britain tell me about a decent store or online store where I could find decent items. Thanks for any help, Happy Baking everyone!

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London here. 

What are you looking for?

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Hi sdorunga1,

Welcome to TFL!

I'm a UK baker. I got a kiln stone very reasonably at Bath Pottery Supplies to use as a baking stone and a very efficient Danish whisk and bannetons from Bakery Bits (both suppliers are online). I got my digital scale from Amazon. Other things - like a digital thermometer - I managed to get locally at an old fashioned hardware store. I also have good local sources of flour but have occasionally ordered online from Shipton Mill. 

What were you looking for?

Best wishes, Daisy_A

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Hi sdorunga1 and welcome.

Check out Brilliant Baking Supplies on ebay. They've lots of great stuff there...even packages of fresh yeast that

are delivered to you by post (which is perfect for me, as I'm in Ireland, and finding fresh/not instant sachets

of yeast is quite difficult here).

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the great replies guys, I am mostly looking for a baking stone, a good dough scraper and a digital thermomether(though seeing how much they cost just makes me want to stick with my old fashioned inaccurate meat thermometer). Daisy_A, by local flour do you mean there's any chance i might get my hands on some here in glasgow as well? The online one sounds decent as well. Speaking of the fresh yeast, I do miss having it like I did back home but I'm not too bothered as I don't seem to remember there being any significant difference between fresh and dried yeast, is that true or is my memory playing tricks on me? Thanks again for the replies, I'll be going through the sites later today. Have a nice day!

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If looking at online suppliers, I really recommend Bath Pottery Supplies for the baking stone. Their stones are cordierite, like many commercial baking stones and they come in a range of sizes or can be cut to size. Their packaging was amazing - my stone arrived in a package with about 4 times more stuffing than stone - little chance of it getting broken in the post!

I got my digital thermometer at the old fashioned hardware store for about £14. I'd be surprised if there wasn't a hardware store still lurking in some corner of Glasgow.

I'm in central England and happily there are a lot of extant and restored flour mills within striking distance. Even Shipton Mill is a reasonable``.

I can, however, get both fresh yeast and Shipton flour at my local whole food cooperative. Larger wholefood places and bakers are well worth checking out for fresh yeast and good flours. One of my favourite flours is Marriages, however, and they also mill for Waitrose Own.

It seems as though there were once plenty of mills in Glasgow. This link made fascinating reading:

Sadly the contemporary map of traditional mills on the link below doesn't show so many, although Golspie Mill does have outlets in Glasgow, as shown in their suppliers' list:

Happy baking supplies hunting!  Daisy_A