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two different color Hooches?

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two different color Hooches?

I've got two sourdough starters going in my fridge, they've been sitting for almost a month as I've just not found the time to get to them to reactivate them.  So today I pulled both out and one has a yellow hooch and the other a grey hooch.  I'm used to seeing the yellow hooch and am just wondering if the grey hooch is ok too?   The second starter (with the grey hooch) was taken and seperated from the first starter the last time I made bread so it just seems odd to me that they are different colors.  I've been reading and it seems fine that it's grey but I just wanted to check with more knowledgeable people.  Thanks!

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Usually the hootch in my starters goes grey. I pour it off. 

As long as there's no visible mold, you're fine either way; and even if there is a tiny bit o mold, just scoop it off, save a bit of the clean starter, and start feeding it regularly.

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OK , thanks!

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3 Olives

Both of mine turn grey. I stir it in.

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Mini Oven

Also pink and any flower power colors are not to be trusted.