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21 year old student bread-fanatic seeks similar...

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21 year old student bread-fanatic seeks similar...


I'm faith and i live in Leeds, Uk studying at Leeds University (...) 

My mother has always cooked fresh food and since we were young we were encouraged to bake and cook and become involved in the kitchen. This has meant that now, in my third year of uni i have worked through all SORTS of food 'on my own' and finally landed on something i enjoy immensely and by all accounts i am good at.

My mother is and step-dad are part time students at the Wellbeck Artisan Bread school in the UK and are planning on setting up a sourdough-specializing bakery in the coming years, they were the ones who inspired me and who are constantly helping and encouraging me. Coming to uni with a rocky relationship with my mother, baking and bread has brought us hugely closer together and we now can talk for hours sharing (and secretly competing i feel) our bread successes.

My friends already pay me for the odd loaf of brioche or baguette ( i use the hammelman baguette with poolish recipe) but i am sounding out ideas for a local saturday and sunday morning baguette delivery service. I own an old fashioned bike with a big wicker basket, and something tells me the 'yummy mummies' from the local area would fall for a cheap organic/fat free baguette delivered to their door between 10am and 11am no?


Anyways, i have a brioche on the go now (i charge £2.50 for a 1lb loaf) but i wanted to share the apple and oat sourdough i baked this morning, my second recipe from my new Bourke Street Bakery book.





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Great intro; wish you and your family great success!


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What is the degree you are pursuing? 

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Thank you!

I study History of Art with Museum Studies, and am just approaching the end of my three year degree, a pretty non-directional degree due to not being able to get a job in a museum without a masters level degree! Anyways, baking is the way forward, shame there's not much money to be made in it!  

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welome and I am sure you will find a wealth of information and help here and with our members.  Continued success with your endeavors.