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Odd way to check bread

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Odd way to check bread

A friend tells me that his grandmother insisted that if in doubt of when her bread was all the way done she would remove it from its pan & touch the bottom to her nose. Her claim was when done there would be no more steam coming from the bottom & it wouldn't burn her nose. I said " Ernie that a new one on me & if you don't mind I'll post this on TFL". Sounds like an old wives tail, anyone heard this before ?


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That is really a funny way to check bread but it actually does make some sense. The crust would be sealed when it is done and all the moisture should be contained. I dopn't think it would get a health inspector's approval, though!

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Her grandmother must be pretty tough - and not bake bread too often ... that is, I believe I would have to forget about the pain of the LAST bake before I would be willing to test the doneness of this bake.  Her grandmother probably also walked 10 miles to school with both ways being up hill.   Now that I have had my fun I will apologize for having it and be glad that I have a Thermopen.