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cuisinart 7 vs electrolux for smaller batches

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cuisinart 7 vs electrolux for smaller batches

I'm new to baking. I'm starting because i've moved from a place with fantastic bakeries everywhere to a place with completely shitty bakeries that just make mushy light bread.

The thing I miss most are authentic french baguettes, but I like a lot of more rustic breads. At this point I don't really have the vocab, but aside from baguettes I like heavy and dense breads, breads with nuts in them, etc. 

I read the cooks illustrated comparison and they have the KA pro 600 and cuisinart 5.5 most highly recommended. I've read lots of negativity about the KA for heavier doughs.

The people here seem to prefer the electrolux by a wide margin. It has this to say about the electrolux "Wide bowl allowed easy access and capacity for nine bread loaves, but cookies, cakes, and even single loaves get lost in the abyss. The roller tool's grooves are a haven for butter."

Aside from bread, I'll probably want to do things like chocolate mousse, cookies, etc. I have a sweet tooth so i'm sure other things will come to me. For creaming and whipping the electrolux only got 1 and 2 stars, which is hardly great. Is this thing really only great for bread? I'm not so concerned by price but I do have limited space in the kitchen for multiple appliances.

I should say that I'm single so I won't be doing huge batches at a time. I cook mostly for myself. That said, I don't want to smoke my machine and be out $400 when an extra couple hundred could have gotten me something much better... But again, I want something that's good for all baking tasks and not just bread. And will i have problems because i'm working with smaller quantities?

The cuisinart got very solid marks but the fact that the KA got high marks for kneading makes me wonder how thorough they were there given the opinion on this site and others like it.

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Bosch Compact Jr.  One loaf of whole grain bread works beautifully, as does 3.  It is also great for every day baking needs.  The model I have came with a food processor and a blender.  It also has other attachments available.

I think it may be cheaper than the KA pro.  Mine was a close out before they stopped making them a bit, and it was only $149. 

If counter space is an issue, these mixers are so light and compact you can easily store them in a cupboard.  We even take ours in the RV.  Don't let the look and weight fool you, it is  a little power house.  It is easy to get ingredients into and clean up is a breeze. 

Bottom line, it is a little mixer with a lot of power.  I have an Electrolux and a KA but my go to mixer is my little Bosch.

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I have an Electrolux and it's been fantastic.  I make large batches, keep one loaf out and freeze the rest.  I think the smallest batch of dough I've made was around 1200 +- grams or 3 loaves.  I'm a little confused about the comment on whipping/creaming.  If they were trying to do that with the roller and scraper, I understand, but the Electrolux comes with a plastic bowl with dual whisks.  I've made icings for cinnamon rolls and meringue for pies and it's been excellent.   Good luck!

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I don't know either. In the past they used to have more thorough reviews about how each machine handled each test. The electrolux didn't even get 3 stars for bread, but judging by comments on this forum, which is dedicated to bread, the exact opposite seems true.

My biggest concerns with it were how well it handled other tasks and small batches because I'm strongly leaning towards the Electrolux because I don't want to buy and then have to upgrade. Out of curiosity, has anyone just done one loaf in it? I'm sure i'll almost always do more than that, but wondering fi the CI review is at all accurate...

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I've had my Electrolux DMX/Assistent for about six months now and have not found any mixing requirement it cannot handle, and handle well.

Regarding the butter sticks to the roller conundrum: No, it doesn't. Oh, at first it does, but as your mix comes together, the butter comes off the roller and goes into the mix. I cream butter/sugar for cookies with the standard roller and scraper, then slow it down to incorporate the rest of the ingredients. Some folks prefer the alternate bowl and double whisks; I haven't tried them because the roller works just fine. Maybe I'm missing a certain thrill of cookie making. :-D

The whisks are probably better for batters and meringues (I read somewhere that a single egg white will give you one and a half cups of meringue), but the roller has worked well for me on cornbread batter.

I have made as little as one pound of dough with no problems. If someone says there's a problem with smaller batches, suggest he re-read the instructions. Stay with the roller for anything less than 5.5 or 6 lbs of dough. Switch to the dough hook only for large batches. The DMX is very efficient. For doughs, slower works better in most cases. Just be sure to adjust the spacing between roller and bowl as recommended in the manual.



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Hi, I have an Electrolux Assistent and, as many other people, I'm very happy with it.  It handles large and small batches well, but you have to follow the instructions regarding what bowl and what attachment to use.  Now, many people complain about the instructions.  They are not very clear, but I read and re-read until I made sense out of it all (English is my second language so may be that is why I understood the translation :-) )

I DID follow the instructions to learn how to use the machine as opposed to other people who have modified them and created another way of doing things (for example, when making bread adding all liquids first). 

I have made lots of different types of bread successfully, but I have also made cakes, cookies, whipped egg whites, whipped cream and followed old recipes I used to make with another stand mixer or by hand, and everything has worked out great.


I hope this helps.  Good luck.

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I'm interested in how you use the Electrolux. You indicate that adding all liquids first is a modified method and not the correct way to use the machine, but from every resource I've come across, that is the method that even the manufacturer says to use. Is that not the case? What is your method?

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If you search the threads here on TFL, I believe that you will be steered away from KA as it relates to bread dough and kneading.


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I just wrote about my owning a KA and an Electrolux.  My daughter owns a Cuisinart.  It looks sturdy, but I don't think it is.  I find access to it's bowl, if anything, more difficult than my KA.  The largest home kitchen-size KA has the widest bowl, hence the easiest to access during use, I find.

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I have a Cuisinart and a Bosche Universal.  I like the Cuisinart for small to medium batches...I have had it almost 3 years and have had  no trouble.. I think it is well made.