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Finding Grain Farmers

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Finding Grain Farmers

Does anybody know of a website that connects bakers with locally-sorced grain farmers?


I've been an artisinal baker for a few years now and I feel that it's time to step my game!

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We own/operate a certified organic grain farm in Minnesota.



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I think it would be very helpful and have been on a similar quest to find locally sourced wheat. I live in SE Wisconsin but get most of my wheat from South Dakota when my daughter visits her in-laws! I can get a 40# bag of organic wheat berries for $15-either hard red or hard white spring berries. Wonderful!

Wal-Mart has started carrying Wheat Montana wheat berries as part of its regular inventory. It is 25 lbs of either red or white for $12-$14 here (red being more expensive).It is usually in the baking aisle.

I would also like to find a source for rye berries.

That website sure would come in handy! It may be a worthwhile project for a either the Department of Agriculture,a local 4H or a university Extension intern to develop!

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That could mean a lot!