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Where can i buy some mustard seeds for DIY mustard?

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Where can i buy some mustard seeds for DIY mustard?

I want to make some homemade mustard.

Anyone have a good place to get yellow, white, and black mustard seeds for some DIY mustard?

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in the spice section of most any grocery store.  The cheapest and best place I have found is Natural Grocers (Vitamin Cottage).  They sell them bulk for a great price.



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In an Indian grocery it is called rai and it comes in white, brown and black. Just ask the clerk. You probably want white.

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I want to play with crafting artisan mustard, too, and I did NOT want to pay the kind of money I would have to pay at grocery store prices, especially not bottled spice prices. I'm going with Amazon where it looks like they offer things like 3 pounds for $13 for brown or yellow/white. Black is a little higher, but not bad. Search on WHOLE MUSTARD and on BLACK MUSTARD to get to the less common black. 

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I get mine at a local Indian import store for making sausage, pickels, bread etc. Two souces on line that have quality herbs and spices are Penseys

and the Sice House

The spice house is a bit more exspensive but they have hot yellow mustard seed which wood be a nice kick to your mustard. When you get it going share your recipe. Good Luck


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I saw some cheap Mustard Seeds and assume these are the same as those that can be ground and made into mustard..... correct?

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Wow! this has been great.... I love this forum! Stay tuned for part II of DIY Mustard.

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MySpiceSage ( has both brown and yellow mustard seed.  I've been ordering spices and flours from them for awhile now and am totally satisfied.  Of course, sometimes a Penzey's blend or two is necessary!