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GM "Green Bag" retail organic flour -- specs?

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Thor Simon

GM "Green Bag" retail organic flour -- specs?

Does anyone know what the General Mills "Organic" flour in the green retail bag is?  I am hoping it's the same as their wholesale Sperry Organic Bread product, which is a reasonably predictable straight wheat flour I've been able to use with good results, so long as I always add some diastatic malt or malted barley flour.

My local Wal-Mart has this stuff at very good prices.  Meanwhile local bakery suppliers don't even carry 50# bags of the KA organic flours -- one of them told me the reason is strictly price, that even at the wholesale level KA organic product costs enough more they can't really sell it.

Of course the only GM retail product for which I can find a spec sheet is Harvest King.  I'm hoping maybe there's a spec sheet out there for the green-bag flour that I'm just missing.

Anyone know?