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Any Milwaukee area bakers want some free kefir grains?

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Any Milwaukee area bakers want some free kefir grains?

I know some bakers use kefir for baking and I'm hoping someone would like some kefir grains. I have way too many. Message me and maybe we can figure out how to intersect.

 I live in Menomonee Falls (northwest of Milwaukee) and work in Waukesha. Given the price of gas, I don't want either of us to drive too far. I would rather do an in-person delivery/pickup-not sure they'd get to anyone in a viable state through the mail.


I will meet anyone interested in free kefir grains at any of the following locations at a mutually arranged time:

McDonalds in Menomonee Falls (Appleton and Pilgrim) on some weekends or after 6PM weekdays,

McDonalds in Waukesha (On Silvernail Road near T)on some weekdays between 5-6PM

Please bring a pint jar with a lid that is  3/4 filled with your choice of milk or buy the milk at the McDonalds (Still need the jar).