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care for new pastry board

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care for new pastry board

I just got a new hardwood pastry board.  Should I rub on some mineral oil like I do on my cutting boards or should I just flour it up and use it for dough as is.



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couldn't hurt to rub mineral oil on it. I treated my hard maple pastry board with salad bowl finish diluted by 50% with mineral spirits. It doesn't build up a finish that would interfere with the grip on the surface, and it also doesn't require monthly maintenance like a simple mineral oil finish would. I highly recommend it.

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I ordered mine when I ordered my board.  Brand is Tree Spirit Mineral Oil, Protects woodenware and is food safe.  Directions are given for how and when to apply.


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"Catskill" brand is what I use. It's actually the stuff recommended (by brand) by the maker of my pastry board, and I already happened to have a bottle for treating my wooden cutting and chopping boards. It was cheap enough, even in Japan. The makers suggested re-applying oil every 6 months

I applied the oil a few times, paying particular attention to the end grain, wherever it was visible, wiping off any excess the next day. After that, I used 'Clapham's Beeswax Salad Bowl Finish' from Canada, available from Lee Valley Tools. This wax is also recommended as a "butcher block" finish, so...what the heck! I figured it would fill any pores in the pastry board's surface. Mine is made of an American 'hard-wood'



PS: Please don't ever WASH a pastry board...Wiping down with a damp cloth is OK, though. Johnson & Johnson's Baby Oil in the BLUE packaging is pure and unscented mineral oil. The pink package is PERFUMED with that familiar 'baby-powder-smell', so please avoid that! Pharmacies used to sell a "food grade" mineral oil [let's not re-start that old argument] for people with constipation...c




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Pop N Fresh

I microwave half bee's wax and half mineral oil for my wood work bench.  After rubbing it in really well.  Let it sit for a while, then scrape off any excess and give it a brisk rub-down.

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