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BBA Challenge, Week 17: Lavash Crackers

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BBA Challenge, Week 17: Lavash Crackers

Yee Haw!

It's Week 17 of the BBA Challenge.

I made these today in the middle of doing some prep work for school, barely even paying attention or putting much effort along the way. Seriously – this is one easy challenge. Quite possibly the easiest one yet in the book.

It’s not just easy, though. Lavash Crackers are also very delicious. I was skeptical about how they would turn out, but my skepticism was misplaced. The specific combination of spices used on these “crackers” (more like breadsticks) is really, really addictive. Once you eat one of these things, you just keep eating. And eating. And eating. Luckily this is not a high-calorie challenge!

(As fellow BBA’ers stream in, I’ll quick link to their products right here).

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