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left out dough

I made a yeast dough that has sour cream and egg yolk. I forgot about it and left it out over night. I thought I would just double check before I through it out and start over if it is truley garbage now. ?

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Eggs? I wouldn't. Next time set a timer to remind yourself.


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Personally* I'd be more concerned that the yeast was shot than the sour cream and egg yolk had gone bad.  Unless you left it out in a really cool place, I'd probably suggest just tossing it out.


* By "personally" I really do mean "were it me" rather than "my advice to you."  My lack of concern about food borne illness here may be completely misguided and should in no way be construed as council from someone well informed.  I am not.

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I'm not normally finicky or too worried about food stuffs being dangerous if you can still stand to eat them. But studies have found that eggs kept in anaerobic conditions at inappropriate temperatures spoil first. The primary and probably the only real danger (other than tasting bad) is botulism. It can be a problem when boiled eggs are cooled under water, and the shrinking solid causes bacteria to be drawn in through the shell. Is it real likey? No. In the boiled egg experiment, they deliberately innoculated the water with botulism bacillus. Most dangerous spoilage is pretty rare in our modern environment. The best advice is that any increased chance of botulism trumps saving a batch of dough. The sour cream, of course, is little problem. It kind of already is "bad." On the other hand, if I had eaten it before I remembered it had been out all night, I wouldn't worry too much. 

Okay. That was the "best" advice. I'd personally go ahead and use it if it smelled okay, because I figure the chance of anything evil growing in it to be very small. Hah! So much for getting an answer you can use!