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I'm finally posting some photos

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I'm finally posting some photos

Hi, all.  I've been lurking (learning) a lot, and I've sent a small idea or tip out a couple of times, but I finally have some photos to post.  

I've been working from Tartine on the Basic Country Loaf, apparently like the rest of the world, and it's been coming along nicely.  After several months, though, I've got some dynamite bread going.  Okay, so the scoring is not so hot.  There's always something to learn, eh?  Without further ado, here are my photos. I hope.  

The Crust


The Crumb


I must say thank you to D. Snyder whose photos led me to the use of parchment rather than the floured cloths that I'd been using.  Rice flour helped, but sticking was a real problem, and I destroyed at least half my nice final proof in every prior batch I'd made.