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Orange Pecan Waffles - Munsey Waffle Iron

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Orange Pecan Waffles - Munsey Waffle Iron

I have a Munsey Waffle Iron that had a great recipe for Orange Pecan Waffles.... needless to say I cannot find it! Can anyone help me out. I tried another recipe yesterday and it just wasn't the same.

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Pop N Fresh



Two of my favorites come from Professional Baking by Wyne Gisslen as Follows:


 100%  Pastry Flour (although, I have been known to substitute up to 10% corn starch)

     1%   Salt

     6%   Baking Powder

   25%   Chopped Pecans


   25%    Egg Yolks

 150%    Milk

   50%    Melted Butter

    1%     Flavor (my addition extracts and zest)

Combine the above using the Muffin Method, then fold-in meringue from below.

If your iron is non-stick, I prefer not to treat with any release.

Muffin Method here:


  38%    Egg White (80f)

12.5%    Sugar