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I made my brick oven

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Tiberiu Ghita

I made my brick oven

I made a brick oven using regular bricks (revovered from distroied houses) and local clay.

I described my experience at

For any questions, please contact me at .



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The link doesn't work because the period on the end got included for some reason:

Love the pictures, this is inspiring! :)

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Wow thank you so much for sharing this with us.  I really enjoyed your article.  It was so precise and the diagrams are amazing.  You did a beautiful job on your oven.   That is one big chimney.  But I can see that you would need that to clear the roof of the building you made your oven in.  Wonderful you must really enjoy your new oven.

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Tiberiu Ghita

Thank you for your appreciations. The barn is a very old one (the main oak beams that you can see are more than 200 years old). All the roof is covered by handmade tiles, so, when I made the chimney I had to take care to conserve all this atmosphere.

Thank you again.