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54 hour Starter questions

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Susan H

54 hour Starter questions

I am 60 hours into the 54 Hour starter formula (based on Calvel recipe).  I split the seed and did two seaparate batches, one with white flour and once with whole wheat flour.  The white started has just a little spring but hasn't risen much at all.  I not sure what I should be seeing at this point.  It seems early, but according to my notes, this should be almost ready to use in a recipe.  The whole wheat starter has very little activity.  I'd like to refresh again, but I'm not sure how much of the seed to use.   I'd like to keep it around 50-75 % hydration.    Can someone help me with the weights for this?   If I take 300 gm seed, do I need 300 flour and 200gm water to feed?  Thanks in advance for your help. 

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In the search box type "Calvel starter" there's the info you need