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Uneven rising in pan

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Uneven rising in pan

Quite often,my loaves will rise unevenly in the oan and break open along one side of the loaf.

I've tried changing from dark to light colored pans,adjusted the moisture,adjusted the amount of

yeast,changed the oven temp,etc. but it still happens. Any thoughts from anyone out there? 


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hiya...  maybe letting them rise longer before putting them in the oven (personally I don't like to run the risk of them falling).  also have you tried scoring them?  I'll score my loaves several minutes before I actually put them in the oven so the scoring doesn't cause the loaf to fall.  I've heard convection ovens are supposed to help w/ this ish but the ones we had at the bakery where I worked didn't seem to make a difference.  it's preference I guess, I don't know about you all but I think they look pretty when they split a little.  adds charm :o)

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staff of life

I have this problem too.  I never had it before when I had my older oven, so I'm assuming it's poor heat distribution in my new oven.  It's not quite as bad when I've got them baking really low in my oven, and to prevent burning the bottom of the loaves, I bake them on a baking sheet.  I just tested earlier this week putting the same amount of dough in a 9 in and in an 8 1/2 in pan, and rose them the same amount of time.  The 9 in turned out much better in terms of evenness of loaf, so you might want to try either baking in a larger pan or putting a little less in your pan.  Hope this helps!

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when i've had these sorts of issues it has been due to poor shaping of the loaf which leaves much more internal bubbles in one side than the other which then spring like crazy when loaded into the oven. more even shaping has seemed to help.