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Bermaline again

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Bermaline again

OK here I am again, almost a year later on about Bermaline again, I sort of lost interest when I couldn't get "the" flavour,

but then recently I got the spark to try again,,,,,,

so I again made up a kinda recipe,, using my basic white as a starter, but used malt syrup instead of sugar, and after thinking about it in bed the other night I hit on the idea of Wheatabix,,,,, worth a try... so I crumpled 4 biscuits into the mix.. The bread is at the moment cooling on the counter but I don't treally think it is going to be the one, if not, Oh well I shall try again every so often, I just made today's bake as a boule, will play with amounts in the tin when I get the taste right.... I just thought some of you from a year ago might still be interested, if not, just ignore. 


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I missed out on this thread but I am intrigued now that I have gone back and read all the old posts, including the ones on Dan Lepard's forum.  It seems like there are still quite a few unanswered questions: the exact recipe and how the baking tin was used. 

Just looking at the picture of that tin, I would say that the loaf was baked with the logo the right way up.  The hole on the top was almost certainly placed there to vent steam and so should be on the top not on the bottom different from the method used in this link.  Perhaps they were proved like a loaf in a banneton, then flipped onto a peel and slid (tin and all) into the oven.

What is the formula you are using now?  What is the flavour that you still feel is lacking?  Or is it that you can't quite put your finger on it?  Are you using malt extract, non diastatic malt or diastatic malt?


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Hi Syd,

I'm almost certain they were proved on trays with the pans covering the loaves as you describe.   A colleague once showed me how you use a skewer in the hole to judge correct proof level ready for baking!

Malt is added in large quantity, so it would be non-diastatic.

Best wishes


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 Well the bread I made yesteday looked good, though not in the correct tin, that can come later. The flavour was not right,,,, but next time I will add more malt to get a little sweetness.. also more wheatabix.......


 the baking I am not really bothered about as I already tried that, it really a matter  of how much dough into the pan, I did have it written down but have lost my notes.   

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not perfect, but nearly there.....  this is the one I made some time ago.. concentrating on amounts in the the tin,,, see the name didn't come out well.


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As a teenager I worked in a small British bakery that specialized in Bermaline bread. I have noticed interest over the past few years in recreating this delicious Malt bread. For those of you interested, a very close match can be obtained using the following recipe:

               1 Pkg Yeast

               2 Cups Occident Flour

               1 3/4 cups Fine Stone Ground Whole Wheat Flour

               1 1/2 tsp Dark Brown Sugar

               1 tsp. Salt

               2 Tablespoons Bakers Barley Malt Flour (from Prepared Pantry)

               2 Tablespoons Barley Malt Extract (Syrup)  (From Barry Farm)

               2 Tablespoons Olive Oil

               1 1/4 Cups of Water

Bread should be baked at 425 degrees for about 35 minutes