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topping discovery - Nusco spreadable dark chocolate

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topping discovery - Nusco spreadable dark chocolate

Ahhh bread and chocolate! I don't have much of a sweet tooth but do find a warm baguette spread with dark chocolate irristable (to my taste much better than overrich chocolate croissants). 

I'm not a fan of Nutella (too sweet) and I've often wished someone would make a grown up version of Nutella with dark chocolate. So I was pretty excited when I spotted Nusco Dark Chocolate at  my fave food import store the other day.

 I just spread a little Nusco on a slice of toast and it was excellent!  Highly recommend this product.

I purchased a 400g jar for $3.45 but see that it's available online.   Check it out!

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Mini Oven

a square or there-abouts and melt it in the microwave (or cover with hot water and after a few minutes pour off the water.)  Then when I can stir it, trickle in some heavy cream or butter stirring in 'til I get the consistency I desire.  Yum!  Spread on anything your chocolate desires wish.  More choco & less sugar! 

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we always used cocoa spread, which mom made by stirring a tiny bit of sugar into cocoa poweder and adding water or cream to get the right consistancy. It was delicious. We ate semi sweet baker's chocolate in the chunk as a treat! That stuff is expensive so it was a real treat to get.

I'm still catching up with the forum, have 103 posts in the file, we did some refinancing in April, and have been busy buying things like new furnaces and so forth, the fellows are here today doing the eves troughs, and of course we have been dealing with the rain. Spent two different weeks with flooding on the roads around here, one week of which my daughter and I spent most of in Edmonton on a holiday. Brilliant move! But as she works at the roads office, she came back to backlogs of work to do!

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Looks dangerous!  What could this not go on?!?  If my wife finds out about this stuff...