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Pie Press

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Pie Press

I am New to the Forum

I have recently Acquired a Holker Tart/Pie Press and would like to know more about this Device

I have been told it is a Knock Off of a John Hunt Champion Pie/Tart Press


I am having Difficulty in acquiring a Manual [Device is ~50yrs old/ possibly +]

Holker was sold by K & R Equipment / Kirkland Rose Who has been acquired ny Bakemark & Equipment Division sold off to R & F Equipment out of Vancouver who no longer have any Records for the Holker

I am trying to find Foils to fit the Dies that came w/ & it is possible that the Dies I have are designed to work w/ Tins

Any Input would be appreciated




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I used "Google Images" then clicked on an image.
It's the first time I've seen such a machine, it looks nice & quick.


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John Hunt dies are made to specific foils, dependent on the age of the dies, you may struggle to find a foil to suit. You should be able however to send the base die off and have a foil made to it, although I am not sure of the cost to do so. You will know if the die is for foil or tin by looking at the base die, if its shallow it will hold a tin as they are strong enough to support themselves. If it is built up and looks like it would hold the complete tin/foil it will be for a foil.


The John Hunt Little Champion as in the link above is a great machine, die sets can be made to suit your foil/tin. There are slight discrepancies from foil to foil even if they are similar dimensions from manufacturer to manufacturer, thats why it s best not to buy 2nd hand dies as you cant guarantee consistency


Hope this helps.