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Pie Press

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Pie Press

I am New to the Forum

I have recently Acquired a Holker Tart/Pie Press and would like to know more about this Device

I have been told it is a Knock Off of a John Hunt Champion Pie/Tart Press


I am having Difficulty in acquiring a Manual [Device is ~50yrs old/ possibly +]

Holker was sold by K & R Equipment / Kirkland Rose Who has been acquired ny Bakemark & Equipment Division sold off to R & F Equipment out of Vancouver who no longer have any Records for the Holker

I am trying to find Foils to fit the Dies that came w/ & it is possible that the Dies I have are designed to work w/ Tins

Any Input would be appreciated




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I used "Google Images" then clicked on an image.
It's the first time I've seen such a machine, it looks nice & quick.