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Hello All

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Hello All

From Missouri USA.  I've been baking since my early 20's(now 57).  I'm the bread lady in my neighborhood, since I enjoy the process & experimentation, but not so much the eating an entire loaf.  I like the end pieces.  So I'll usually keep a half loaf & send the rest to a neighbor.  Her teenage boys brighten up when they see me at the door :}. 

I was checking out the site about uses for Amish Friendship starter (a neighbor gave it to me a month ago) & came across tangzhong.  I've never heard of it!!  Gasp; there is always something to learn.  I'm not crazy about overly sweet bread, so I may let this starter go. After I try to convert it to a more sourdough starter.  Don't know if it's possible, but I'm gonna try.

Glad to be here.  mwyn

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Welcome aboard.