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hot cross buns

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hot cross buns

Hi I'm new to this website and new to baking. Saw the recipe for hot cross buns, my Mom loves them and I'd like to surprise her. The recipe stated bread machine for the yeast. If I am not using a bread machine what type of yeast do I use, how much and how does this change the recipe? Sorry must sound dumb, but like I said I'm new to baking, hope you can help thanks for a wonderful website

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The instant dried yeast is the one to use, or you can use yeast labelled 'bread machine yeast' because I think it's about the same thing.  I don't have a machine either but I use instant because it's cheaper and I add it directly to the flour.

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"use for bread machines".  The Instant Yeast can be added to the dry flour whereas Active Yeast does better to first incorporate into the liquid. And if you use instant yeast you use a bit less than if you would use active yeast, all in all, not much difference between the two.