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Bernard Clayton Jr., 1916-2011

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Bernard Clayton Jr., 1916-2011

Details published at the New York Times

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Bernard Clayton’s New Complete Book of Breads is one of the first bread books I bought, and it remains a favorite. He will be missed.


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Same here of the first books that inspired me to start baking, other than my other's own kitchen products that is.  Next came James Beard's Beard on Bread ...a give from my older brother.  (Then the Tassajara Bread Book, the Laurel Kitchen Book on Bread, and about 3 dozen more ...and counting)




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The Complete Book of Breads, was my first cookbook dedicated to bread.  In fact, it was my only bread book for many years.  I still go back to it because some of the recipes, like his Honey-Lemon Whole Wheat, are just too good to leave behind.

My thanks to Mr. Clayton and my condolences to his family.


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Ditto to all.  That was my first bread book and really got me started on the road to baking breads about 25 years ago. I remember making his Italian boule, amongst others. I still have my copy and thumb through it from time to time.

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Yes, I too learned most of my breadmaking from Mr. Clayton. He spoke directly to us and was reassuring to all newcomers. Mimi

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Too late to profit him, but maybe I'll go out and buy a copy of the rest of his books so I can have a complete set...



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The Complete Book of Breads (1973) was my first bread book, inherited from a friend's mother. It was well worn and best of all had Frances' comments and notes on loaves she had liked. Even though it is rather homely and battered I really prefer it to the massive New Complete Book of Breads, Soups and Stews. His Cuban Bread using 2 packages of yeast was the first "real" bread I ever baked, and he was the best teacher, so encouraging. A.

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He died at 94 - I'm curious to know how long he and his wife were married - could be as much as 70 years!


Sounds like he had quite the adventurous life!

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i love the complete book of breads. i am currently working my way through all of the recipes.

i'm very sad at his passing. my thoughts & prayers are sent to his family