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20-tray baker racks (?)

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20-tray baker racks (?)

Hello everybody!

I was wondering if anyone might know where I can purchase rolling bakers' racks online for a cheap price.  I don't mind if they've been used.  I found them in my area for $125 at best, but the trays are a seperate cost.  I will need 4 of these rolling racks and a total of 80 (18"x26") trays.


Does anyone know where I can find these priced reasonably online or anywhere in Southern California available for pickup?








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wild mountain bakery

I have seen them for 98 on there.  You will have to put them together, but that makes for lower shipping.  Good luck on your quest, now if I could find some cheaper perferated screens!

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Look for ads on grocery store or bakery closings ...our local Carrs (Safeway) in Palmer, Alaska, was getting a bit long in the tooth and they built a new one across the street ...and man o' man did they have a fire sale on the stuff in the old store!  You could've bought rolling racks like that for less than $10 apiece.  I just missed getting a glazing table for $20 ...had it all purchased except for the paperwork, even paid for already, when they found out some bloke had his paperwork done about a minute before me so he technically "got it first".  I was going to use the rolling metal table as an epoxy workstation out in the shop, and the stack of donut trays in a smoker... sigh.




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Thanks for the advice!  Wow, $10 a piece--that would REALLY save me some cash!!  Now, to find a bakery fire sale...I'm on the hunt!

Meanwhile, if anyone has any other advice, please keep it coming, I do appreciate it.  Thanks so much!



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They're also called sheet pan (racks). Follow craigslist in your area. Restaurant auctions are good, too. Mobile refrigerator pan racks are essentially the same thing. If you're in the right place at the right time you can get an open rack for $20-40 and heavy trays for $3-6/ea.; possibly less if you buy in quantity. Old trays are often given away at auctions.

Aluminum cleans up nicely with the appropriate cleaner and a little elbow grease. If they're steel you can use oven cleaner on the pans.

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Also check out  While it won't be cheaper, they have everything your could ever possibly need if you don't find another source.  I've gotten stuff from them and they deliver quickly.