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want to split hi gluten high mountain organic flour in mass

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want to split hi gluten high mountain organic flour in mass

hi,I bought 50 lb of hi gluten high mountain organic flour from central miling company,want to split it with some body in mass(25 lb would cost U $45)I am in worcester ma 01606 my email

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Hi - I've just been to an amazing Middle Eastern/Turkish cafe in Dublin, where I enjoyed (immensely enjoyed) a chicken shwarma.

I've made pita bread before (successfully, more or less), but this bread was something different altogether. I've since discovered (Google and Wikipedia are both wonderful for information like this) that among all the different types of pita, the one used for shwarmas (or schwarma...or shawarma, even) is a bread referred to as 'lafa' bread .. sometimes spelled 'laffa' as well.

I don't know if this has been asked or discussed on TFL (forgive me if it has and I've been too lazy to do a proper search), but can anyone tell me how to make proper lafa bread? It tastes like no pita bread I've ever had or tried to make myself. This bread was super doughy and spongey, and tasted absolutely amazing. I read that it's popular in Israel as well as Turkey and Iraq. If anyone has a good recipe or technique for making this bread, please share, as I'd love to learn how to make some myself at home.

Thanks in advance.