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Looking to Buy Starters

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Looking to Buy Starters

I am new here and this may not be postd in the correct area, please advise.  Thanks.

I am looking to buy starters from a few people.  I am just getting started again after many years.  I looked online and found many places that sell starters, but I would LOVE to buy from individuals who don't mind shipping them along with any advice or instructions the starters may need to be happy in their new home in Arizona.

Please let me know if you are interested and perhaps send the selection you have available and what you want for them.  I can pay with PayPal or Money Order.  I am worried about getting too many offers but I would really appreciate your time.

Thanks,  Ellen

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I don't have one to ship but if nobody else responds I know you can get fresh starter or dried starter from Eric on his Breadtopia web site.  He has a good selection of other baking items if you need anything 'extra'.  Ships out quickly and always packs with care!

Another source is Carl's Sourdough Starter.  Here is the link:

Figure I will just add Eric's link too if you want to check it out.

Good Luck!

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I have one that I started in 2006 in Fairbanks, AK and has lived in the Wasilla, Alaska area for about the last 18 months or so.  What I want for it is about $10 million, but what I will take for it is nothing.  Rather than dry it (I've never quite trusted that process), I can make a dough ball out of it and ship it priority mail in a flat-rate box if you send me your address (via PM ...don't post it for the public to see).  The starter will survive just fine.  Actually, I could send both a dough ball and some dried starter.  I'll give instructions on how to get it going again too (no biggy).  Give me 2 weeks to test the dough ball idea and then I can send you some (I know others have done this quite successfully).  The starter has a pleasant taste, not harsh and not bland either.  I don't know if it's the far north or not, but it seems starters up here tend to run a tad on the mild side, but sour up nicely enough given normal dough retardation (at 50-ish F)




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hi,I have two different starters I can ship ,one wild yeast very mild that fed with whole wheat /bread flour mix ,

second  from grapes I feed with bread flour ,$ 5 each + shipping,or I can dry 'em for u so it can travel in an envelope

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The one Janetcook mentioned is basically free (79 cents for postage).

If you have a friend who makes sourdough ask for his or her cast-offs.

If you want to buy it, King Arthur Flour has it.



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The Carl's is interesting and it has a long history.  It's known for good flavor and activity.  The price is right.  The downside, as mentioned by the owner, is that it HAS travelled across the country and now exists in Maryland.  That means that it has had a chance to be exposed to a wide variety of flora and is unlikely to be the same starter it was at any particular point in the past ...which is true for all starters of course, the least so for those that never leaven 'home' ...where it was first created, but changes over time are still not zero since weather and seasons vary things to a certain extent.  I'm just pointing out that while the Carl's starter is a good choice, it won't necessarily be like it was back in the day in Oregon (do you care?  I wouldn't...)



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Pioneer Foodie

There's a fellow in Idaho, Ed Wood, who is offering sourdough cultures from all over the world.  His website is:

I've used his cultures and they start reliably and quickly.  Mr. Wood is a micro- pathologist, so he knows his stuff.  He has written an excellent book about sourdough cultures that I found rather useful.  Mr. Wood says that if your culture is healthy and vigorous it will maintain its own integrity against foreign contamination.  A good analogy is that if your lawn is healthy it will force weeds out.  Of everything I've read, Mr. Wood seems to have the most authority behind the most definitive answers regarding sourdough cultures.

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Where in AZ? If you are in the Phoenix area I can give you some of mine.