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Hamelman's 66% Sourdough Rye

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Hamelman's 66% Sourdough Rye

This is yesterday's bake, a sourdough rye from Hamelman's "bread". I used dover farm organic whole rye flour, and sifted it to obtain something near to medium rye flour called for in the recipe. I followed Hamelman's instructions to the word, including the addition of yeast to the final dough. i have baked higher ryes before, so i was pretty comfortable with handeling the dough. This recipe is very easy to understand and bake, as opposed to other higher percentage ryes in hamelman's book. I used 12.9% protein strong bread flour from waitrose.

The sourdough levain was ripe in 8 hours at 26c. I chose to proof the dough seam side down in a brotform, and used a bamboo skewer to pinch holes in the batard.

This is by far the best rye i've baked. I'am now encouraged to bake this recipe again!




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When are you opening your bakery?

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Beautiful loaves, Khalid!

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I'am speechless too, Nico! can't believe the results either. sifting rye , maybe? I'd prefer to keep this a hobby, Nico but thanks!

Thank you sylvia

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Very nice looking rye bread, Khalid!  I like to use a pinch of yeast to my rye bread, too. I just like the texture of the crumb which is lighter and softer. Using a bamboo skewer is a good touch! 

Great work, Khalid


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Hi Khalid,

I believe you have achieved wonderful lightness in the crumb through combination of very good quality wheat flour, a reasonably fine grind of rye, an active levain and a touch of regular bakers' yeast....and, most importantly, the skill of the baker!

Such a great colour in the crumb too!

Best wishes


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And I'm sure they must be as terrific as they look, Khalid.

Way to go,


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Your loaves look amazing Khalid and such a beautiful airy crumb for a fairly high percentage rye. It must be delicious. Nice one Khalid!


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Gorgeous, Khalid.  I love the way the boule has cracked open on the top.  It looks so pretty!  As Franko says, it is difficult to believe that was made with 66% rye.  There have been some stunning ryes posted on this forum of late.  Lovely bake. :)


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Hello Khalid,
That crackled boule is just beautiful, as is the batard.
I wiish I had your rye-dough-handling skills!
Those loaves are gorgeous, inside and out.
What a lovely example of 66% rye!
Thanks, from breadsong


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Very nice looking loaves, Khalid,

Greetings from (right now) Germany (with infrequent internet access)


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Hi Mebake,

I have a pile of rye but yet to attempt to make a rye bread -- your rye bread is the standard for which I will hold myself to.

Excellent bread my friend.


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Thank you all very much! I am now a firm believer that high% rye breads (using medium Rye) can have an open crumb.

One thing i forgot to mention is that i fed my starter and levain the same flour mix that is used in the final dough. This allowed the levain to ripe in 8 hours at 25c.

Thank you Akiko!

Thank, David!

Thank you Andy! When i sifted dover farm Rye Flour, i was left with tiny bran, and coarse unmilled rye. I used a fairly fine sifter (the oil splatter screen). I wonder if my Rye is wholgrain anymore. The Crumb color was assertively Rye's, though. I consider Witrose Strong Bread flour to be high gluten flour.

Thank you Ron! The bread had a superior flavor. It was only mildly sour.

Thanks, Franko! Do try sifting Whole Rye Flour. I used a fine Sifter (Oil Splatter screen). It is delecious.

Thank you Syd!

Thanks, Breadsong! This rye was much easier to work with! Dover farm's organic rye flour is quite a fine ground, but has some coarse particles, which when sifted out, resultant flour is so light and powdery.

Thank You karin! I hope you enjoy your stay in Deutchland.

Thanks gvz! i'am honored tha my Rye appelas to you.





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Hi Khalid,   I am going to try making this.   So for the boule it looks like you proofed seam side up and then let it score itself?   I have seen hansjoakim do that as well, and it looks terrific.   Thanks.  -Varda