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How Awesome is Pizza!?!

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How Awesome is Pizza!?!

My son wants pizza.  I can't say no to him. He is so flippin' cute. He also thinks my pizza is better than anything from a pizza place. So, I can't say no. Plus it gives me a good reason to make some dough.  This recipe comes from the America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook.  The recipe is at the end, if you want to try it. I spent lots of time testing recipe after recipe and found that this one makes a nice, stretchy dough.  I tweeked it a bit.


Ready to Rise

I tried something new with this batch of dough. I let the machine go for 5 minutes, then let it rest for 5, then turned the machine on for 5 more minutes. I have to say it came out nice and silky.

First Rise

After about 45 minutes on the counter, I shoved it in the fridge for about 1 more hour.  I did this because I had to run an errand.  Pizza dough is forgiving, so no worries.  The most amazing thing happened, the dough became super elastic.  I stretched one so thin, I think it only had one side. THIN CRUST HERE I COME!


They are like pretty little maids in a row.  I let them rest on the counter to warm up.  Cold dough is hard to stretch.   My wife likes her pizza thick, I am kind of a purest when it comes to pizza. I prefer napolitian style pizza, so I have a happy medium that even the kids love.

Rolled out

I found that if I don't run the docking wheel over it I get ginormous bubbles and everything slides off.  That looks cool, but my stone and oven become a big ol' mess.  Topped

I just top it with a quick and simple pizza sauce and some mozzerella/provolone mix  - Into the oven with you!

This goes in...

Ready to Cook





This comes out!


I love pizza!


Basic Pizza Dough (from America's Test Kitchen)

4  1/2 c. bread flour

1 envelope yeast

1  1/2 t. salt

2 T. olive oil - (the better the oil, the better the flavor of the crust.)

1  3/4 c. warm water (I use bottled water. I don't know if that makes any difference, Ask a New Yorker.)

It's all dump and go from here. Try out the 5-5-5 method for yourself (it's in the blog.) don't forget to stick it in the fridge for at least an hour.  I plan on trying it over night to see what happens.  I will update if it is good.



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Looks good. I've tried the mix, rest, mix technque with pizza dough before. It does work. It's actually pretty similar to mixing methods commonly used in some bread recipes.

If you go for the overnight frementation, you should probably cut back on the yeast. 1 to 1.25 tsp is all you probably need.

What kind/size stone is that? Looks just like one that I use.

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I will definately try that.  The stone is 24 inches by 18inches. It is pretty big. I don't remember where I got it, I've had it for at least 15 years. 

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Looks great to me!   My stomach is growling.  

I've been eyeballing this bag of KAF "Pizza dough blend" flour I bought on a whim a few weeks back...   after drooling over all the awesome pictures people have posted here (including yours!).

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Fixing your cute son pizza...what a great dad and nice pizza, too!  I think you will find the overnight fermentation makes for better tasting crust and like suggested above by mrfrost, cutting back a little on yeast!

Happy Pizza Baking,



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Could be that by cutting down on the yeast may eliminate your problem with bubbles. Van Over only uses only 1 teaspoon of yeast in his food processor recipe.

Do you use the convection mode in your oven for pizza?


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It looks so good. I'll try it.