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Interview with a Baker

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Interview with a Baker

I just realized I need to interview a baker for an assignment due tomorrow. Could someone please help me by answering the following questions? Thank you very much!


What is your name and occupation?


How did you become interested in professional baking?


What was your first baking job, and did you go to culinary/pastry school?


In your opinion, what is the hardest thing about being a baker?


What are the best things about being a baker?


What do you think are the most important skills to have as a baker?


Any advice?


Again, thank you!


-Felicity Turcott

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Hi Felicity,

I'm happy to help out with your assignment if I can, but I'll leave out my full name for privacy concerns. Everything else I can answer.

In order of your questions:

  • professional baker -journeyman Red Seal trades qualifications  (Canada)
  • I worked in a small pastry shop that supplied office lunch rooms with various pastries such as croissants, danish, slices, coffee cake. This was my first paying job as a baker and was what I did in the afternoon following my Baking & Pastry Arts classes at the city college.
  • I had to give this one some thought as there are several difficult aspects to baking professionally, but what gets to me most often is the mind numbing repetition of making the same products day after day. It's one of my least favourite aspects of the food trade in general.
  • Being able to produce a bread or pastry that customers enjoy and will come back for week after week. The other is that the scope of baking/confectionery work is so broad that the learning process is ongoing throughout your career.
  •  Above all else is consistency in process, and product quality. Once you have this, most of the other important aspects will have already fallen into place. The ability to think on your feet and adapt quickly to changing production demands is the other key skill to have. 

I hope this is of some help to you in your assignment, and that it's not too late for you to use.

All the best,