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Help with Carl's starter instructions

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Help with Carl's starter instructions

Hi All,

This is a really nice find! I found this site while searching for recipes and ways to revive a starter.

I did recieve Carl's starter (dried) in the mail, but unfortunatelly it came without the instructions to "revive" it. Does anybody has like a "standard" sort of recipe (or procedure) to go about it? It seems that Carl's friends site is down, so any information you can provide will be appreciated.


Thank you!

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I'm not an expert (only raised 1 starter from scratch so far), and have not purchased anything from Carl's.   But a while ago, I did buy an initial starter from KAF, it arrived in the mail in liquid form, not dried out...   but, maybe you could use this as a template (you may need to adjust depending on the weight of what you received):

What I would do is:

1.  Dissolve the dry starter in some distilled water (or purified drinking water but not tap water).

2.  Mix in some flour.

If you have a scale, I'd recommend doing at least 100% (1 to 1) combination of water + flour as its initial feeding.  Or 125%.  The starter I raised from scratch was 125% (water-to-flour), which is called a liquid starter.

But basically just give it some water and flour, and time.  Keep discarding half + feeding it a couple times a day for a week.


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I've just sent off for Carl's free starter, but the instructions for reviving it are at:

Enjoy! Let us know how it works for you.

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You can follow the step by step instructions on reviving a dried starter on my blog here, complete with photos of the progress. It's really quite simple and the same process would work for any dried starter flakes, no matter the source - Carl's, King Arthur, your own back-up or a gift from a friend.

Happy baking,



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I would follow the directions given here by others for reviving it, then when you know it's healthy and working then I would take only one Tablespoon of the starter and put it in a flour mixture using approximately 1 C flour.

I had left my starter in the fridge all winter and was afraid I had killed it, so on another forum (before finding this one) I asked and they recommended that I do what I mentioned above. Since I did that the starter has a tremendously better flavor to it. I was not fond of the flavor of Carl's starter before I did this, now I LOVE it. It has a fantastic flavor. It could also be in part because I am using fresh ground whole soft white wheat.

I am not really following any recipe. I just mix potato water and flour together till it's a thick batter consistency and add it to the starter. When I don't have anything in mind, I use about 1/4-1/2 C flour. When I want to make something with the starter I just mix together enough to have 1 C starter and whatever amount I need for the recipe I am using.

So far since restarting mine last week I have not yet had to put it in the fridge, and I have only made flapjacks out of it so far so it's not overwhelming me with the need to keep making more stuff with it. As soon as I put it in the fridge I'm sure it'll be another 6 months before I take it out again so I am just doing what works for me. :)