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Hello from England!

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marcia jones

Hello from England!

I just finished making my bread rolls ready for the coming week and then I made some Ricotta.  I was curious as to how I could use the resulting whey when making my bread (I hate to waste anything!)  So I came to my PC and googled my question - and up popped this fabulous site!


I have had a glance around and have registered.  Wonderful site and some great photos and recipes.  I'm sure I am going to be using this site a lot now!


Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!  


marcia jones.

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There's a few of us about from England.   Good to have you along

Best wishes


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Hi marcia,

Welcome from another British baker. Rolls and ricotta sound great! Look forward to hearing more.

With best wishes, Daisy_A

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Welcome aboard, from yet another brit near Oxford.


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In South Africa, in this case.  

Keep us posted on your baking, please.  It's an important part of what makes this site so enjoyable.


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Hello Marcia, happy baking ;-)




Dan, london

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Blonde Logic

Hi there!  I am another UKer!

I am down on the South COast in Sussex, but originally from California. 

This seems like a great site - I am looking forward to meeting others with the same love of baking that I am finding I have.  Its becoming an onsession!!!

Have fun!


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Juergen Krauss

Hi Marcia,

Hallo from yet another Brit.

The ricotta, is that for Ravioli? Excuse my curiosity...

Rolls, ricotta, gets my imagination going (maybe I'm just hungry?)

Happy BAking,


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Another brit signing up. I'm based in Herts. Keen amateur baker. I've just bought Jim Lahey's book, so was cruising the internet looking for a clay bread baker and discovered this site. didn't find the clay pot though - had to email the Romertopf people to find a UK supplier.

I'm a Richard Bertinet disciple so spend many a happy weekend flinging dough around my kitchen.

Recently discovered this blog below which you may or may not know. Good technique videos.

Happy Baking everyone.



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Scotland is/was famous for its bakeries and tea breads. Have we no Scottish members?

Nice baking site recommendation btw.  Patsy

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I use the whey from my yogurt and ricotta making in my bread all the time.  Most of the time I just replace the water.  If the formula calls for buttermilk or milk, then you can use the whey instead as well. 

Have you tried making cultured butter?  It's awesome and incredibly easy!