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SP 5 Fixed Bowl Spiral Kneading Machine

Laura Holland's picture
Laura Holland

SP 5 Fixed Bowl Spiral Kneading Machine

This mixer is 5 years old but used only once.

It is RED. I can send you pictures of it if you would like to see it.

The manual is included.





fthec's picture

I'm interested.  How firm is the asking price?  Where are you located so I can check shipping costs.


bostonphotobill's picture

$1,000 is a very good price for a very good mixer. I have been using one for about 3 years. It is strong and can mix 8+ pounds of dough.

zo0316's picture

I'm interested, could you please email more information?

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scott r

laura, I think I almost bought this same mixer from you almost two years ago.   I would still love to buy it, and this price is great if I can pick it up in MA (you still here?)   thanks!