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Great site!

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miss dove

Great site!

I was googling "sourdough no-knead" the other day and came across this site and some wonderful information and pictures!  I have baked with sourdough starters off and on for many years.  Then recently read Jim Lahey's book "My Bread" and got all excited about the no-knead method.  My main goal is to combine sourdough with no-knead bread baking and seems like I've found a great site here with others who share my interest.  I live in Santa Clarita, California, but originally an Okie.

Happy to be here!

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Thanks, Miss Dove.  Welcome to the site!

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Hi miss dove,

Welcome to TFL. I just added the same book to the library and am enjoying reading it and baking some of the breads. I look forward to seeing your work.