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Greetings from Chicago

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Greetings from Chicago

Hello! I've been exploring sourdough for the last month, and an entire new world of baking has opened up for me. When I turn to the Internet for help with figuring things out, TFL always seems to pop up at the top of the list of great answers. So I thought I'd jump aboard. I've already signed up for the local artisan bread baking group, and I'm a member of the LTH Forums (something I'd recommend for anyone else searching for Chicago-based food-related info).

So glad to meet you all!


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Don't remember joining, but my browser did. I live in Bolingbrook and have wanted to try my hand at sourdough, but livimg single with a brother that doesn't eat bread very much makes it difficult to justify getting into it. I suppose I could give it away to other relatives, but most of them don't appreciate good stuff like that.


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Mini Oven

Take a look around and dive into the search box.  Ask simple Questions to it and see what pops up.  Lots of good reads and discussions here.