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Sears Canada selling rebranded Kenwood?

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Sears Canada selling rebranded Kenwood?

Check this out - does it not look exactly like a Kenwood?

 I checked it out in the store, and it does carry a "Made in England" label.  I know that DeLonghi is making the kenwoods in the US, but I'm wondering if this is Sears Canada rebranding it?  They also carry the various attachments for it.  I've looked on the US Sears site, but they don't seem to carry it.  What do you guys think?

 I've been hinting to DH that my birthday is coming up, but he keeps saying we need to feed and clothe the children....


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 I have two Kenwood mixers, and both made in UK, I like that, some how I don't like De Longi.   :-)) qahtan

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All Kenmore appliances are made by other manufacturers, mostly Whirlpool, Electrolux, Frigidaire, and General Electric. It's a Sears only brand introduced in the 1920's.

So perhaps one of these manufactures for Delonghi as well? 

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It looks exactly like a Kenwood Chef - excpet for the colour. I'd bet it IS one too! And they are ace.....

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I think the K paddle is a telltale sign. My kenwood Chef is 1000 W and it really is great. The whisk, K paddle and dough hook in the picture are identical to mine.


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should know information before decision to buy at sears

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The Kenmore mixer from Sears is the Kenwood mixer.  It is not re-branded, but as with other Kenmore products, Sears is able to put their brand name on by purchasing enough products.  See history here:   "2001, Kenwood became part of the De’Longhi group strengthening its manufacturing, investment in new products and its international commercial network even further."

In North America, the DeLonghi DSM5 and DSM7, and the Kenmore Elite Kitchen Machine (re-badged DSM5), are the same appliance as the Kenwood Chef and accessories are interchangeable between them.

A comparison between Kitchen Aid and Kenwood has proven Kenwood (or whatever label you have of these mixers) is superior, largely the motor is first class.  I am glad to see the Kenwood mixers with their tell tale "K" beater is once again available and is easy to find outside the UK.  My splash guard broke and I found a replacement it on  eBay UK.  i grew up with my mother using one, and for my wedding in 1986, i was given a Kenwood mixer form Costco.  i later replaced that with the Kenmore from Sears and bought one for my Kenwood attachments all fit!